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What are DayMoon Wands?

DayMoon Wands are

carefully and heartfully



made with love


crystals and wood


[Photo by Rob Jolin]

What does One do with a DayMoon Wand?

DayMoon Wands have been used to enhance experiences of meditation, Reiki, prayers, spells, rituals, tarot readings and more...

DayMoon Wands are companions to us as we navigate our spiritual journeys; so the best thing to do is spend some time with your new wand.  As you get to know each other, you’ll discover what you like to do together!

"My personal collection of DayMoon Wands have become an integral part of my life:  I carry them on my daily walks.  I bring them to meetings, events & classes.  I dance them around my house, waving them through the space to facilitate energy shifts.  I find deep comfort, support and energetic empowerment from my ever-evolving relationship with my wands." -Natalia Rose


[Photo by Lory Lyon]

Custom DayMoon Wands

Natalia Rose intuits the perfect pairing of gemstone & wood to create a one-of-a-kind Custom Wand for you or a loved one... 

To Order, email:  info@daymoonwands.com 

In your inquiry, you can share a bit about you:  what you yearn for, a prayer for help, colors that move you, astrology signs, hobbies, goals, etc.

Please note your desired size and price point.

Large Wands: 15-24 inches, $195-375

Medium Wands: 11-15 inches, $135-235

Small Wands: 6-10 inches, $85-145

Wee Wands:  3-6 inches, $55-95

Deposit required. Payment plans available. 

Trades negotiable. Discounts as needed.


[Photo by Sara Kundelious]

DayMoon Wands

DayMoon Staffs

Social Media

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Cosmic Timing

"Ok, it's been a rough week but when I opened the box with special, amazing, beautiful wands. all the stress of the week disappeared and I almost levitated out of my chair when I saw the pouches.  You're the best <3  I'm so happy with them"


So Magical

"Oh my god girl.  I love the wands!!  The detail is amazing.  So magical.  I can just feel the energy from them immediately upon opening them.  So unique.  Thank you <3 <3 <3  And the care that goes into everything.  So special.  Thank you"


Gift of Love

“This wand has transformed my life already... what a game changer to be connected to my “soul tool”. The Love is ever felt and carried with me! Thank you Natalia and other Goddess sisters ❤️❤️“


How did you come to make DayMoon Wands?

In what ways does your queerness inform your art?

As a queer person, I am constantly trying to open my eyes more to the ways we have all been socialized to think. An attempt to push myself to see beyond socializations. When I make wands, I try to be as free as I can, and not limit myself. This creative limitlessness makes the process of wand making quite time consuming, but it's how I create a deep relationship with each wand; we go through something together. I get to know each wand intimately as it comes into being. That is very adjacent to my growth within my queer identity. I have learned a lot about different ways of thinking through my queerness. This has led me to an attempted limitless perception of the vast capacity of the human experience; and this comes through in my process as well as my art.

DayMoon Wand Policies

​All deposits are non-refundable.  No returns please.  Open to exchanges.

DayMoon Wands and Natalia Rose Miner are not liable for any injury related to product use.

All pictures and videos of DayMoon Wands products may be shared on DayMoon Wands social media platforms and website (unless specifically requested otherwise).