Psychic Strength Wand

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This Wee Wand comes with a big personality. She is acrobatic and likes to stand on her head! She loves nature and walks. She looks forward to protecting you, energetically speaking and helping you tune into your innate intuition.

Amethyst activates and aligns all chakras, especially the Third Eye & Crown Chakras.

 Amethyst is a stone of protection and purification.  Amethyst accelerates the development of intuitive and psychic abilities by enhancing clarity and balance of mind and thoughts.  It aids in releasing the stronghold of addictions.

 Amethyst has high frequency energy that lends a sense of safety by creating a barrier against lower energies. 

Cedar wood is associated with healing and protection.  It is ideal for clearing unwanted energies out of spaces.  This Cedar wood was naturally gathered from the Catskills in NY.  All designs are hand-burned.

This is a Wee Wand measuring 4 inches.